To Print by Copying into a Document:



1. Open a new page in a document program, ie: Word, Works, Pages, etc...


2. Now go to this Newsletter page.


3. Right Click on the first page of the Newsletter scroll down to “copy”


4. Go to your new page in your document program.


5. Right click in the center of that page and scroll down to “paste”


6. Do the same for the second page of the newsletter, pasting it below the first page.


7. Then print.


This way, you’ll have only the Newsletter on the print-out.





To Print Newsletter from Web Page:



1.Click on “File” in the upper section of your browser.


2.Scroll down to print.


3.Choose your printer and print.


This way will show the header and navigation shown on this web page.


If you wish to just print out the Lake Pass Application... Simply follow the first set of Print Instructions above.



Green Valley Mutual Water Company


2018 Newsletter